I stumbled into a Mythology course my freshman year in college in 1961 and my life has been a series of Hero's Journeys ever since that fortuitous "mistake."

I'm a change agent, author and educator who has worked with individuals and companies for over forty years to help them successfully implement change.

As a Corporate Change Consultant, I've guided over 50 large and small companies through the successful implementation of training programs, computer systems, and organizational restructuring. My work has spanned across most corporate functions and a wide variety of industries.

As a Training and Development Expert, I've created courses and taught thousands of individuals in leadership, sales, problem-solving, and team development. I've held a variety of positions in the corporate world as International Director of Sales Productivity, Director of Sales Training, Marketing Consultant, Product Manager, Field Consultant, and Project Manager. I've also been a partner in an Executive Recruiting Firm, an Executive VP of an Outplacement Firm, and Principle of my own Training and Development Company.

And then my real Hero's Journey began when I decided to focus on bringing the 4000-year-old Hero's Journey into our culture at a time when we need it so much . . .


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