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Do you often feel like you're living your life on a tightrope?

One day you're feeling balanced and optimistic, and the next day you feel like you're just trying to hang on to the rope.

What if instead of getting worn down by trying to stay strong and feeling your strength being chipped away day by day, you could learn how to be your own hero by knowing where you are and getting clear on what you need to do.

What if you could learn how to gain control of your life from 4000 years of heroes who have gone before you. And what if you could have fun learning how to do this by following Dorothy's Journey in the Wizard of Oz.

And what if you can change your life by creating your own roadmaps and lifelines to get your power back. Imagine what your life would be like then.

You don't have to feel alone. Join us to learn how to create your own Hero's Journey and have fun while you're doing it. 

Benefits of Creating Your Own Hero's Journey

One of the benefits of learning about the Hero's Journey is that you will see more clearly that all Heroes encounter obstacles and setbacks. Being able to think of yourself as a Hero will help you through the dark times — you will know that you are not alone. You are following in the footsteps of over 4000 years of hero’s journeys.

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I'm Kat Tansey. I'd like to share what having the Hero's Journey as part of your life is like.

So, you ask, how will the Hero's Journey help me? Let me give you a little background about how it changed my life.

I learned about the 4000-year old myth that was discovered by Joseph Campbell in the 40’s. When he realized that one particular myth appeared across many cultures, he saw that it was used as a roadmap for the many journeys people would face during their lives. He first called it a monomyth, and then later named it the Hero’s Journey.

As I learned more about the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey I began to see how my life could change, from one in which I reacted to a series of events in my life — to a purposeful life filled with Hero's Journeys and roadmaps to help me succeed. And thus began a series of Hero’s Journeys that came about throughout my life. 

One of the biggest changes in my life was that instead of feeling like I was being controlled by outside events, I learned that I could be in control of my own life.

I’ve had a long career of helping people and organizations change, and this always involved some sort of Hero’s Journey. After years of doing this, I decided to develop an online course to bring the Hero’s Journey into our culture. 

Six years ago I created my first course on Awakening Your Hero’s Journey. I decided to use the adventures of Dorothy and her companions in the Wizard of Oz to help people learn how to use the Hero’s Journey to take control of their lives. I chose Dorothy’s story because we learn faster and better when we are learning from stories.

Now, I can see you waving your hand and saying, wait a minute, how can learning about the Hero’s Journey from Dorothy be powerful enough to help me deal with the insane world we live in today?

Well, Dorothy did get swept up by a tornado and dropped in a strange land, had to find allies, encountered many enemies, and went through many really scary adventures (remember the flying monkeys?). Not so very different from what our lives feel like today.

Click on the boxes below to learn more about what others have gained by making the Hero's Journey part of their lives.

Awakening Your Hero's Journey Course

What does the Hero's Journey Course look like and how does it work?  I've created four videos for you about this. The first one is a brief history of the Hero's Journey and its importance today. The second one explores a variety of hero's journeys. The third one follows the journey in the Wizard of Oz, and the fourth one brings the Hero's Journey into your own life as a guide for troubled times.

How long will it take for me to complete the Hero's Journey course? It can take a few weeks or more than a month — the pacing you take is up to you. 

Is there a separate place for discussions with other people taking the course? There is a Discussion Center where you can share your own experience and learn from others. Each part of the Journey has its own discussion section. 

Your Own Final Assessment — Doing this helps you see what you have learned and how you have changed, 

And you will have an Individual half-hour call with Kat to discuss what you have learned and how you will make the Hero's Journey part of your life.

What is included in your Awakening Your Hero’s Journey Course?

  • Your First Self-Assessment Review
  • 12 Hero’s Journey Lessons
  • 6 Physical Movement Lessons
  • Your Own Journal Questions
  • Hero’s Journey Discussion Center
  • Your Final Self-Assessment Review
  • 30-minute Review with Kat

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