Do you often feel like you're living your life on a tightrope?  One day you're feeling balanced and optimistic, and the next day you're just trying to hang on to the rope.

What if you could learn from 4000 years of heroes who have gone before you?  And what if you could have fun learning how to do this by following Dorothy's Journey in the Wizard of Oz? 

What if you could learn from Kat's forty years of creating her own Hero's Journeys? 

What if instead of getting worn down by trying to stay strong and feeling your strength being chipped away day by day, you can learn how to be your own hero by knowing where you are and getting clear on what you need to do next?

Many of us are struggling these days. We're trying to survive in a world that is like a constantly changing Rubik's cube, a world that often makes us feel like powerless victims rather than the confident and powerful people we want to be. 

So how can we change this? By creating our own roadmaps and lifelines to take our power back. By creating our own Hero's Journeys and helping others do the same

You don't have to feel alone . . . join us and learn how to create your own Hero's Journey . . . and have fun while you're doing it..

Imagine how you would feel if you could see yourself as a hero by learning about the Hero’s Journey and how it will help you change the way you see the world.

Does this sound crazy?

But it’s not crazy — this is a perfectly sane and well tested way of dealing with your feelings of despair and regaining control over your life.

I’m Kat Tansey. The Hero’s Journey became part of my life when I stumbled into a class on mythology my freshman year of college in the early 60’s. And it’s been a major part of my life ever since.

So, you ask, how will the Hero's Journey help me? Let me give you a little background about how it changed my life . . .

I learned about the 4000-year old myth that was discovered by Joseph Campbell in the 40’s. When he realized that one particular myth appeared across many cultures, he saw it as a roadmap for the many journeys people would face during their lives. He first called it a monomyth, later naming it the Hero’s Journey.

As I learned more about the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey I began to see how my life could change from one in which I reacted to a series of events in my life — to a purposeful life filled with Hero's Journeys and roadmaps to help me succeed. So I began a series of Hero’s Journeys throughout my life.

One of the biggest changes in my life was that instead of feeling like I was being controlled by outside events, I learned that I could be in control of my own life.

I’ve had a long career of helping people and organizations change, and this always involved some sort of Hero’s Journey. After years of doing this, I decided to develop an online course to bring the Hero’s Journey back into our culture. 

Four years ago I created my first course on Awakening Your Hero’s Journey — and I decided to use the adventures of Dorothy and her companions in the Wizard of Oz to help people learn and be able to use the Hero’s Journey to take control of their lives. I chose to use Dorothy’s story because we learn faster and better when we are learning from compelling stories.

Now, I can see you waving your hand and saying, wait a minute, how can learning about the Hero’s Journey from Dorothy be powerful enough to help me deal with this insane world we live in today?

Well, Dorothy did get swept up by a tornado and dropped in a strange land, had to find allies, encountered many enemies, and went through many really scary adventures (remember the flying monkeys?). Not so very different from what our lives feel like today!

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Awakening Your Hero's Journey
is a life-changing experience

A brief overview of  the Awakening Your Hero’s Journey Online Course

Awakening Your Hero’s Journey Course 

This section walks you through what you will be doing. It includes information about Your Beginning Assessment, the Lessons, Your Journal, and the Hero’s Journey Discussion Center.

The Hero's Journey begins in your Ordinary World. Think of it as the world you know now. It is your Comfort Zone. One of the reasons that change is difficult is that we are used to life being a certain way -- and whether we like it or not, this is how we are programmed. These first four stages of the Hero's Journey deal with what needs to happen in order for you to be willing to move out of your Comfort Zone.

The Adventure takes place in the Special World. Once you let go of your Ordinary World (Comfort Zone) you are able to commit to change. And you will need this commitment to sustain you through the tests and obstacles you will encounter. You will look for allies and learn who your enemies are (often those enemies are your own thoughts and beliefs).

One of the benefits of learning about the Hero's Journey is that you will see more clearly that all Heroes encounter obstacles and setbacks. Being able to think of yourself as a Hero will help you through the dark times -- you will know that you are not alone. You are following in the footsteps of over 4000 years of hero’s journeys.

Now the real work begins. Instead of feeling that you’ve accomplished your goal, you must be willing to commit to reinforcing the change you've made. This means you have to dig deeper, to process and apply what you have learned. If you don't do this, your journey will have been in vain.

Mastery involves merging who you were with who you are now to create a new entity. While this is in some ways the most difficult passage, it is the one that brings the biggest reward -- your transformation. This is what allows you to Return with the Elixir, to be able to help others.

How long does it take to complete the Hero's Journey course? It can take a few weeks or more than a month — it’s up to you.

Your Final Assessment — This helps you see how you have changed, what you have learned, and whether you are ready to go on to our Becoming a Resilient Hero Course.

You will also have an Individual half-hour call with Kat to discuss possible journeys you might like to undertake.

During our half-hour call, we'll use the Framework below to help you identify which quadrant you are in now and make a plan for what you want to do next. This might entail deciding on a Hero’s Journey you want to pursue during your Becoming a Resilient Hero Course that can help you develop the skills you'll need in order to succeed in your quest.

Shown below are the Skill Areas we currently have in the Becoming a Resilient Hero Course. I have been researching resilience for seven years and ultimately decided to focus on these. Some of them may seem a bit strange, but you will learn during the course why they are so important.

Their placement around the Hero's Journey wheel is the way I tend to think of them, but it is not necessarily the order that will be appropriate for you. You may already be quite strong in some of these, and there may be others that will be very important for you.

What is included in your Awakening Your Hero’s Journey Course?

- Your Self
Assessment Review
- Twelve Hero’s Journey Lessons

- Six Movement Lessons
- Your Journal Questions
- Hero’s Journey Discussion Center
- Your Final Self Assessment
- Your Half-Hour Review with Kat

The cost of the Awakening Your Hero's Journey Course is $197. This includes all the items listed above. The course will be available in early October.

You can progress at your own speed to finish this course and be ready for the Becoming a Resilient Hero Course after your half-hour review session with Kat.

CLICK HERE To begin your life changing Hero's Journey today for only $197. This includes all the items listed above.

What is included in the Becoming a Resilient Hero Course?

- Your Skills Assessment Review

- Ten Resilience Skills Lessons and Practice Activities
- Your Journal Questions

- Resilient Hero Discussion Center
- Group Q&A Sessions with Kat
- Your Final Self Assessment 
- Your Half-Hour Review with Kat

The Becoming a Resilient Hero Course will be available in late October for one payment of $327 or two monthly payments of $167. This includes all the items listed above.

In order to join the Resilient Hero Course, you must have completed the Hero's Journey Course and had your Review with Kat. 

NOTE: The "CLICK HERE" button to purchase the Resilient Hero Course will become available after the Hero's Journey Course goes live.

Begin Your Own Hero's Journey Today for only $197

Note: If after actively participating in the course for several weeks you feel like you aren't getting what you need, please explain your situation in the Discussion Group Q&A and I will provide some directions for you.