What world are you creating today?

So, I know that we each create our own reality. And I know there is no way I can truly and deeply and completely comprehend the world that my best friend creates. Nor can she comprehend the world I create.

We often joke about this, but it wasn’t until I saw this picture that shows the difference between what we see and what cats see that I really got, at a visceral level, the enormity of this truth.

Click on this link to see the rest of these pictures about what cats see  . . . and come back after you look at them.

This is How Cats See the World

So did you get at a visceral level that cats see the world very differently from the way we see it?

Now can you get at a visceral level that every other person on the planet sees the world very differently from the way you see the world?

And it gets even more interesting when you consider that we are each creating our own world minute by minute.

Try this simple experiment . . .

Here is a little exercise I often do to remind me that I am creating my world on an ongoing basis. What I look for and focus on becomes my reality.

Take a walk around your neighborhood. At the beginning of your walk, pick a color. During the walk, keep an eye out for that color. Notice what you see that you may have never noticed before.

On another day, do the walk again, this time picking a different color. Again, notice what you see that you have not seen before. Also, be aware that you are skimming past your former choice of color without really seeing it.

This is what we do every moment of every day.

What we believe, what we focus on — this is the world we create for ourselves.

But we forget that we do this. We begin to believe that the world we see is real. We forget that we create it minute by minute. And, most importantly, we forget that everyone else is, minute by minute, creating a very different world from the one we are creating.

How can we communicate with each other in a way that helps us understand our different “worlds” — what are your thoughts about this?


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