Why is the Hero's Journey So Important?

When people ask me what I do, I find myself explaining to them what the Hero’s Journey is, why it’s important, what different Hero’s Journeys look like, how one can learn more about it by following the story in the Wizard of Oz, and why learning about the Journey will help them thrive during these troubled times. ~~ One day it occurred to me that I could create videos to explain these concepts so you can learn and share about the Hero’s Journey in the comfort of your own home. I’ve also created a PDF with pictures to illustrate my stories that you can download by clicking the Download link below.

My mission is to bring this 4000-year old journey back into our lives through my online courses at a time when we need it more than ever. I learned about it in the early sixties and it has served me well all these years — I know it can do the same for you. 

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