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My vision is bigger than just teaching you about the Hero's Journey . . .

We will also be providing you with resources to share what you've learned with others.


The Resilient Hero Complete Program

These are the current components of our Program -- download our free Ebook to get on our mailing list and receive updates about the availability of each piece.

- Awakening Your Hero's Journey Guided Course
- Awakening Your Hero's Journey Discussion Center
- Finding Your Allies 
- Learning from Your Body
- Becoming A Resilient Hero Masterclass
- Resilient Hero Discussion Center

Awakening Your Hero's Journey Course

Finding your path . . .

The purpose of this online guided course is to help you master the Hero's Journey and be able to relate it to your everyday life. To make a shift in your thinking that opens up possibilities you may not be aware of. To know the journey well enough to be able to explain it to other people. To commit to continue learning and using the Hero's Journey in your daily life.

Finding allies on your journey . . .

Who better to teach you about the Hero's Journey than Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?

You will follow Dorothy's journey through each stage of the Hero's Journey, learning what Dorothy and Toto and her allies, Scarecrow, Lion, Tinman go through on their Journey. And you will answer questions in your journal to help you go deeper, to begin to relate to Dorothy's journey as you would your own.

You will begin to consider who your allies will be as you do this. Who will be your Scarecrow? And your Tinman? And your Lion?

Learning with your body . . .

My experience in teaching the Hero's Journey is that our biggest obstacle is usually internal rather than external. I needed to help people learn how to feel and think differently, and I knew from my own Feldenkrais training years ago that this is a very effective way of doing this.

So I asked my friend Marsha Novak, an experienced and creative Feldenkrais teacher, to create some lessons for the Hero's Journey course -- lessons that would provide quite a different and powerful  way of learning 

In order to change our mode of action, we must change the image of ourselves that we carry within us.
~Moshe Feldenkrais

Becoming a Resilient Hero Masterclass

Mastering your path . . .

The Resilient Hero Masterclass is designed to help you integrate your understanding of the Hero's Journey with the Resilience Skills that are critical to your mission, whatever that mission may be.

We will cover the ten (or more) most important Resilience Skills in this course. These lessons are what I call Just-In-Time Lessons, because each of you come to the course with some of the skills, so you only need to learn the skills you struggle with. 

Just as you did in the Hero's Journey Discussion Center, there is also a Resilience Hero Discussion Center where you can discuss your experiences and learn from other people in the group.

The Hero's Journey and the Resilient Hero Discussion Centers

Exploring your path . . .

I've been looking for a way to help the people who take my courses to communicate more easily and effectively with their fellow students, as well as with me.

The Hero’s Journey and the Resilient Hero Discussion Centers have been created with this need in mind. There is a Topic for each of the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey, as well as a Topic for each of the resilience skills in Becoming a Resilient Hero. You can go to each Topic when you are taking the lesson about it so you can ask questions, share your experiences, and learn from others in the course, without spending hours searching for the topic.


Choosing To Be

Life gets easier when you see yourself as a hero. So when Kat was struggling with Chronic Fatigue in the early 90's, she decided to write a book about learning how to meditate. But she didn't write just any book. She wrote Choosing To Be: Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master, the story of how she learned to meditate with the wise and often amusing guidance from her Maine Coon cats.

Now Feline Zen Master Poohbear and his lively helper Catzenbear travel the world bringing hope and laughter to people who struggle with chronic illness and depression — as well as those people who want to learn how to meditate and enjoy the adventure.


Finding Magic In Midlife

Kat gained invaluable insights during the five years of her Finding Magic in Midlife radio show. A more expansive view of the possibilities and excitement of midlife developed as she interviewed extraordinary midlife women such as Dr. Maureen Murdock, who created The Heroine's Journey; Dr. Candace Pert, who wrote about her scientific breakthrough in Molecules of Emotion; Byron Katie, creator of The Work; Dr. Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom; Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky on The How of Happiness; and Dr. Elaine Aron, whose research resulted in her book, The Highly Sensitive Person.


Choosing To Be Fit

Kat developed Choosing To Be Fit to provide a holistic approach for leading a healthy life that is about more than just diet and exercise. She also explores mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of fitness and well-being. Kat has been an avid researcher in the field of functional medicine for years, and keeps up with the steep learning curve regarding developments in epigenetics, using food as medicine, neuroplasticity, gut/brain connection, and many other breakthrughs being made almost daily. Once again, what Kat has discovered is that this is an exciting time to be in midlife and beyond!


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