"Scientists determined it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain — unless it is done with play, in which case it takes 10 to 20 repetitions."
~ Dr. Karyn Purvis

"The prime function of mythology is to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, to counteract those that tend to tie it back." ~ Joseph Campbell

Stories from those who have
gone before you

"Your comment that if we don’t commit, we will never experience the learning to be found on the journey helped me see that “failing” has learning and growth in it. I’ve gained such insight into myself in a very short space of time." ~ Angela

"It feels really powerful to think of myself as the hero of my own story, a story which contains elements that all heroes face, rather than living my life as a crazy, random story. And seeing other’s lives as Hero’s Journeys has opened a way of really seeing them in a more whole way, honoring all parts of them and their lives." ~ Meg

"Becoming aware of the stages of the Hero’s Journey has been a revelation and has given me a framework to understand where I am, what I’m stuck on, and how to move forward. I see now that life is a continual series of Hero’s Journeys." ~ Sandra

"This course had made me realize I have undertaken and completed several Hero’s Journeys in my life. I just didn't know that’s what they were. Knowing this makes them feel like even more of an achievement and gives me the courage to know I have the ability within me to go through many more Hero’s Journeys." ~ Barbara


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